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More than two out of three Greeks are now using debit or credit cards for their daily transactions, even though they have reservations over their use, a new study shows.

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Samaria Gorge in Crete opens for visitors on May 1.

According to an announcement, the forestry agency has taken all necessary precautions to protect the ecosystem.

It is said while Samaria Gorge is a unique ecosystem of magnificent beauty, crossing the gorge can be a very arduous process. Visitors are only allowed to walk along the central path and never leave it under any circumstances.

Visitors must abide also by the signs placed along the path, especially those referring to possible rock falls.

Smoking is prohibited to protect against fires and is allowed only at resting areas.

Samaria Gorge has been a national park since 1962 and the 16 kilometer (10 mile) hike is a major tourist draw.